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Kulbir Kaur Ghuman

Computational Materials Design

Catalysis and Fuel Cell Devices

Intérêts de recherche

Research project for a Phd student in Computational Materials Design for Energy and Environmental Applications  :


The mission of my research is to enable sustainable energy future by replacing rare and expensive materials used in sustainable technologies, with abundant and cheaper materials. Improving the performance of existing inexpensive and abundant materials is a challenge because of the poor understanding of their fundamental properties, driven by their complex structures. Often these materials are 'disordered', ie either they completely lack long-range order, resulting in materials having entirely new properties as compared to their crystalline counterparts, or they contain partial low symmetry environment due to point, linear, planar and / or extended defects (such as vacancies, dislocations, grain boundaries, interfaces, etc.). Disorder in materials is inevitable. My research laboratory strives to understand, manipulate, and utilize it to design novel energy materials, for solving the most daunting problems, such as climate change, of today's world.