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Conférence de Yanlin Song


Yanlin Song, professeur à la Chinese Academy of Sciences, présentera une conférence le lundi 18 septembre à 10 h 30, à la salle de conférence Tudor Johnston du Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications de l'INRS à Varennes. Le professeur Yanlin Song est l'invité de la professeure Dongling Ma.

La conférence du professeur Yanlin Song s'intitule « Nano-materials green printing technology for printed electronics ».




The blooming of printed electronics is promoting electronic manufacture to flexible, wearable, and transparent devices, as wel as clean production process. So far, various materials have been demonstrated adoption in printability. However, the critical scientific challenges of the printing process are wettability manipulation and dynamics of ink droplets. Based on the droplet manipulation on surfaces with different wettability, controllable assembling and patterning of different nanoparticles could be achieved.[1] Significantly, the basic units of patterns from 0D to 3D (dot, line, plane and stereo structures) can be precisely controlled. [2] We achieved conductive patterns assembled by silver nanoparticles with single nanoparticle resolution.[3] The prepared conductive patterns contribute remarkable applications in sensitive electronical skin[4a], transparent touch screen[4b,c,d], multi-layer circuits[4e], ultra-integrated complex circuits[4f] and soft actuators[4g].  Réferences (pdf).




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