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Conférence de Huamin Zhang


Huamin Zhang, professeur à l'Institut de physique chimique de Dalian en Chine, présentera une conférence le 17 août 2017 à 10 h 30, à la salle Tudor-Johnston du Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications de l'INRS à Varennes. Huamin Zhang est l'invité du professeur Shuhui Sun

La conférence du professeur  Huamin Zhang s'intitule « The fuel cell and vanadium flow battery technology and their applications ».



Vanadium flow batteries (VFBs) have become one of the most promising technologies for large-scale energy storage applications due to their attractive features such as high safety, high performance-price ratio in life cycles, as well as being environmentally friendly. Currently, VFBs are still at the demo stage. Accordingly, we have verified the practicability and reliability of the VFBs in large-scale energy storage applications via a great number of demo projects. For enhancing wide application of the VFBs, reduction in cost is extremely important. Thus, on the one hand, it is necessary to develop high performance key materials, such as electrodes, bi-polar plates, ion conductor membranes and electrolytes. And on the other hand, improving of the power densities of the VFB stacks through structure optimization, as well as diminishing of the resistance, can be effective in achieving lower costs. 
This presentation will mainly introduces and emphasizes the latest development progresses on the field of R&D and project application of the full cell and vanadium flow battery technology, conducted by the cooperating team from both Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sunrise Power and Dalian Rongke Power Co. ltd.  




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